The Additive Manufacturing of metallic materials permits to get components of finite shape thanks to the deposition layer on layer of metallic powders. This technology and the success in the production of metal components depend on many process variables such as layer thickness, powders, scanning parameters, laser or electron beam energies that deeply modify the microstructure of traditional metal alloys.

The laboratory offers the optimized microstructure on which the mechanical properties of the metal component depend, through the study of ad-hoc thermal treatments or the variation of thermal process variables during additive growth.

The laboratory is equipped with devices for metallographic preparation of metal samples for observations in optical or electronic microscopy; it offers microstructure and/or porosity characterization by optical microscopy and image analysis, hardness measurements and micro-hardness profiles, furnace for heat treatments.

The know-how for the optimization and resolution of problems on aluminum alloys and titanium alloys is available.

Scientific coordinator: Prof. Emanuela Cerri.