Mass customization, smart products, biomimetic structures, devices for personalized medicine are just some of the emerging application fields that through industry 4.0 technologies can meet people’s needs and solve some critical aspects of traditional production systems.

In this context, additive manufacturing plays a key role and offers potentials that currently have been explored only to a limited extent.

Our vision is to support small and medium-sized businesses in the implementation of production systems that offer the quality and the cost-effectiveness of industrial products together with the creativity and customization typical of craftsmanship, enhancing the tradition and the skills already existing in our territory.

  • In practice, we are working on designing and manufacturing production systems:

    working with unconventional products (for example, we have worked with: chocolate, biomaterials, nanocellulose, jelly);

  • which provide full automation of 3D printing machines integrated with handling, assembly, transportation, quality control systems;

  • which integrate intelligent sensors and collect product data to enable certification and proper management throughout the entire lifecycle (use, maintenance, disposal);

  • which use control systems specially designed to handle the criticality of the printing process and to adapt in real time to the variability of raw material and process.

Scientific Coordinator: Prof. Marco Silvestri.