RFID Lab is a laboratory for research, education and technology transfer on applications of RFID technology to business processes. The lab focuses on: (i) reengineering business processes, often along with the implementation of RFID / auto ID solutions (ii) evaluating the performance of hardware devices (iii) engineering modules of Business Intelligence that provide effective support to decisions.

Founded in 2005 by Prof Antonio Rizzi, RFID Lab pioneered RFID UHF class1 gen2 applications, and it is today a worldwide recognized research centre for RFID applications, both for academia and for end users. More than 40 scientific papers published in international journals witness research activities in the RFID Lab. The lab has been working with leading universities that lead RFID research worldwide, including projects funded by the European Community. Hundreds of students in the programmes of Industrial Engineering, both at Bachelor and Master level, have carried out their thesis and lab activities on RFID projects. More than 50 companies collaborate with the RFID Lab, including technology providers and end users. Many companies have been developing their RFID project in this context.

A significant collaboration of the lab is with Id-Solutions, a spinoff company of the University of Parma. Under this partnership, Id-Solutions provides the resources for institutional activities of the lab and shares the know-how for the development of its products and services. Id-Solutions has recently entered the orbit Murata, Japan’s multinational group of advanced electronics. Through this acquisition, Murata intends to strengthen the role of RFID Lab and the University of Parma as an excellence centre for the study of RFID applications.

Scientific Coordinators: Prof. Antonio Rizzi, Prof. Massimo Bertolini, Prof. Andrea Volpi.